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Seasoned Tater Tots Or Fries


Your choice: Ranch • Buffalo • Cheesy 
Garlic • Salt n Vinegar • Curry 
Caribbean • Everything Bagel • Cajun • Lemon Pepper

Fries or Tots?:Fries Tots
Choice of Seasoning:No Seasoning 8 Spice Buffalo Cajun Caribbean Cheesy Curry Everything Bagel Garlic Ranch Salt n Vinegar Salt & Pepper Only
Includes One Dipping Sauce:No Sauce BBQ Sauce Blue Cheese Dressing Buffalo Sauce Chipotle Citrus Aioli Fry Sauce Garlic Aioli Garlic Chive Aioli Hawaiian BBQ Honey Mustard House Ketchup Miso Aioli Ranch (Vegan) Russian Dressing Sriracha Aioli Spicy Beer Mustard Sweet Chipotle Sweet Thai Chili Tartar Sauce Sweet & Sour
Additional Dipping Sauces ($1):House Ketchup +$1Ranch (Vegan) +$1Fry Sauce +$1BBQ Sauce +$1Hawaiian BBQ +$1Blue Cheese Dressing +$1Tartar Sauce +$1Garlic Aioli +$1Chipotle Citrus Aioli +$1Sriracha Aioli +$1Sweet Thai Chili +$1Buffalo Sauce +$1Spicy Beer Mustard +$1Honey Mustard +$1Russian Dressing +$1Sweet Chipotle +$1Garlic Chive Aioli +$1Miso Aioli +$1
Additional Excitement:Make It Sticky! +$2Add Fried Egg +$2Add Bacon +$2Add Avocado +$2Add Cheddar +$2Add American Cheese +$2

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