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Sandragallagher7 1 day ago

Caribbean Cauliflower Quinoa Burger

Tried The Burbank Pub for the first time and so glad we did! We ordered the Caribbean Cauliflower Quinoa Burger, Hot Chicken Sandwich, Kalua Pork Melt and Onion rings and everything was absolutely delicious. This is our new favorite restaurant. Cannot wait to try their Pastrami served on Thursday's only . My family is still raving about the food!

Steverosolio 3 days ago

The Pastrami Sandwich

I've tried this sandwich both Pirate Style and NY Style and both are amazing. I suggest getting both. The pastrami is perfectly seasoned and smoked. Its also tons of food.

Andre300k 8 days ago

Vegan Hummus (not so quesa) Quesadilla

Friendly atmosphere, the bartenders and staff were awesome, and the food was good. I will most likely comeback with my friend since the bar next door is closed for good.

La 9 days ago

Isle of Club Sandwich

OMG... this sandwich is amazing! So delicious with crispy, thick, sweet bacon. Then jalapeño poppers in it, too. The pork was perfect! Get it with the mixed green salad (dressing is so light) and you feel like you are being healthy. 💕

Deborah 9 days ago

Deviled Scotch Egg

I loved the Deviled Scotch Eggs, they were amazing!!! Perfect flavor and textures.

Thatlagteam 22 days ago

Shepherd's Pie

Amazing food, great price, what more can you ask for... plain and simple. The food doesn't leave you feeling bloated, but its not a small portion. Thanos commented on it too... "Balanced like all things should be."

Scott 29 days ago

Pub Burger

Not only is the food first rate at the Burbank Pub, the weekly specials are a MUST. The burger is a sure thing every time, but if you want something really incredible, try the pastrami sandwich on Thursdays! Yum! Most importantly, it's the staff that keeps me coming back, such pro's and so chill and friendly, love them all!

Tanyabalam 2 months ago

Mai Tai

This drink was so good! It came with crushed ice, lime garnish, and an umbrella! ❤️❤️❤️ I highly recommend their delicious cocktails. It made my isolated day!

Aja 2 months ago

Happy Hour Crispy Brussel Sprouts

We ordered the family pack #2 as well as brussel sprouts and potato skins off the happy hour menu. Everything was delicious and ordering and pick up was super easy!! Was able to have a happy hour picnic at home! Thanks Burbank pub!!

Highrisedrifter 2 months ago

Fish n' Chips or Shrimp n' Chips

So much food! So tasty too. The fish was well battered and had no bones in it. The chips were nicely seasoned. This is the second time we've been here in the last few weeks and honestly I can't wait to come back again and try more of their menu. Both of our takeout orders were so good that I can't wait to try some of the other things on their menu!

Plays On Expert 3 months ago

The Pastrami Sandwich

Oh man! I've been searching all over Southern California for a pastrami like this! Super thick cut, well seasoned and tender. Exactly what you want in pastrami sandwich! I've had "pirate style" twice, and it's essentially a ruben, but elevated beyond what you'd find in a deli. I will be back for more!

Angela 4 months ago

Sticky Toffee Pudding

My favorite dessert here. It has a very delicious taste that blends perfectly with the ice cream served on top.

Angela 4 months ago

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

I have to order these whenever I go! Worth EVERY Mouthful. I recommend them with the Jerk seasoning. YUM!

Carsonrice 4 months ago

Pub Burger

One of the best burgers I've ever had. So delicious. Do yourself a favor and check out this place. It's got a really cool vibe inside, the food's amazing, and the drinks are great. What are you waiting for? Go. Now.

Angela 5 months ago

BBQ Cauliflower Salad

I've been on holiday in CA for 5 days and the BBQ Cauliflower salad I got at the Burbank Pub was probably the BEST things I've eaten the entire trip! So delicious, satisfying, and vegan!

Avidpresss 5 months ago

Eggplant Slider

mmm i love this new addition to the HH menu! delish!

Dmsecor29 5 months ago

Loco Melt

It was perfect. Cooked just right loaded with flavor. Burbank Pub is becoming our favorite happy hour spot.

Mrsprosser 5 months ago

Bangers n' Mash

This meal is delicious! I've had it multiple times. The onion sauce brings all the elements together so well. The sausages are tasty, as are the two types of mash. I'd definitely recommend this dish!

Almsmcq 6 months ago

Banoffee Pie

I really shouldn't even tell you how good this is (so that there's more for me) but since we're all pirates here I'll do you a favor and insist you order this. Dollops of whipped cream, toffee and bananas on a delicate salty-sweet biscuit crust. The first bite will have you saying "Shiver Me Timbers!"

Perry1321 6 months ago

Pub Burger

So good and juicy and amazing burger with great fries the garlic aioli was delicious

Michael 1 day ago

Shrimp & Lobster Roll

A1 Outstanding, when in doubt order this it is great !

Pat 4 days ago

Shrimp & Lobster Roll

This is so delicious! The sandwich is generously filled with plenty of lobster and shrimp. The flavors are well balanced and highlight the seafood. The roll, tomatoes and lettuce are fresh. I look forward to ordering it whenever it's offered.

Dewcali 9 days ago

Kalua Pork Melt

This was one of the most unique and tastiest sandwiches that I've had. Had the Unibroue "Blanche de Chamnly" so good!

Deborah 9 days ago

3 Little Piggies (Kimchi Pork Tacos)

Soooo good. The shredded pork was tender and perfectly seasoned. Kimchi was fresh and is a great combo with the pork. Had with the amazing onion rings. 💕

Aubreyjb18 10 days ago

What The Cluck!

Such a fantastic fried chicken sandwich! I'm still thinking about it and want to replicate the recipe. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was a huge chuck. It was crispy but not greasy at all. I love the sweet chili sauce because it gave such a unique flavor profile with saltiness of the chicken. The sprouts were such a good touch and avocado was included. Score!

Katbingham13 27 days ago

Seasoned Tater Tots Or Fries

Some of the best tater tots I've ever had! Great with the house made ketchup! And a perfect addition to their house smoked pastrami!

Mackmarquard about 2 months ago


Such a great cocktail, elegant in its simplicity and outstanding in its balence. A classic that is easy to get right but even easier to screw upThe bartenders here are exemplary and know the details to deliver it properly, and then afterwards can recommend countless other altnernatives based on your taste!

Leanna 2 months ago

Seasoned Tater Tots Or Fries

The tots here are so good! Ive had them regular and seasoned, and have loved them every time. Great for sharing as it's a nice large portion.

Babeita 2 months ago

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

We had the Grilled Chicken sandwich and like everything else we have had at the Burbank Pub it was on point! All of the ingredients they use are always super fresh and you can taste the quality in every dish I have tried.

Cdeutsch720 2 months ago

Fish n' Chips or Shrimp n' Chips

The fish and chips were AMAZING!!!! We had them delivered because of COVID and they were still hot and crispy when we got them. We got 4 pieces of fish and a huge portion of chips. It could have EASILY been two meals. In fact, I should have saved half but it was so good I ate it all! I cant wait to go eat there in person!

Chameleonzoo 3 months ago

Pub Burger

Had the pub burger. Outstanding! Fresh! Loved it!

Angela 4 months ago

BBQ Cauliflower Salad

I don't know what kind of Voodoo magic the Chef uses, but it's the best thing I have eaten as a salad. The Cauliflower is so well fried and seasoned, it's irresistible.

Theilyaalbert 4 months ago

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

What do you get when you mix amazing cooking skills and delicious ingredients? Well, you get these phenomenal crispy Brussel sprouts! Now, I know you don't personally know me, but I consider myself a Brussell sprouts snob - after trying so many across the U.S. and Europe, but these are even better. Plenty of crisp, savory flavors and just the right of softness within its delectable layers. This vegetable will make any veggie hater into a veggie-lover!!

Bspoiled1 4 months ago

Fish n' Chips or Shrimp n' Chips

Do you want a good brew/cocktail with delicious food? This is the PLACE!!! Pleasantly surprised, with a nice selection of drinks with food to complement the experience. We decided, at the last minute, to go out for Valentine's Day. We stopped in this pub with little expectation of an amazing experience. We were WOWED! They kept the main menu while adding unexpected cuisine. We had Tri-Tip Spring Rolls with an entree of Shrimp accompanied with a Pear Catus Salas. Mind-blowing!!! We found our new staple pub for a cozy friendly renourish the soul spot. Thank you for bringing a MUCH needed food destination to Burbank. The city needs more establishments on this side of the city. P.S. PLEEEAAASSSEEE keep the Chef! ...and Chef, stay humble and great. Thank you

Rlacarr1 5 months ago

Fish n' Chips or Shrimp n' Chips

The fish and chips were well prepared and I would say better than most other executions of this dish anywhere in the LA area. Paired with a draft beer this dish will gastronomically transport you to a real British Pub in the heart of London.

Jon 5 months ago

Burbank Sour

Highly recommend the Burbank Sour, amazing cocktail. Tried it during our local date night along with a delicious mai tai. Will definitely order again!

Captamericus 5 months ago

Bangers n' Mash

I went to the grand opening a while back, I like the atmosphere and look of the place. I enjoyed the mai tai drink and ordered the bangers and mash. It was good. It has been a long time since I had this. Prices are moderate for the newest addition bar and restaurant in Burbank.

Harrydace 6 months ago

Fish n' Chips or Shrimp n' Chips

Both the fish and french fries were light and tasty. Served thoughtfully with lemon slices, a spray canister of vinegar and a cup of tartar sauce. Very impressed, as hard to find excellent fish and chips in LA. (I am from Toronto and have had excellent). Attended this evening with girlfriends and found the staff genuinely welcoming, and attentive. Much appreciated. Along with the fish and chips! Also staff was well groomed and well mannered (probably politically incorrect to say handsome but they were).

Jessie 6 months ago

Fish n' Chips or Shrimp n' Chips

My friend and I tried The Burbank Pub For the first time last night and loved it. The food, cocktails and service were all excellent. The atmosphere and decor are also fun. I highly recommend this place.

Gregory 6 months ago

Meat Pie

The new owners of the venerable Buchanan Arms have retained the old time charm of the room, but have thoughtfully updated the menu. The deviled scotch eggs are pure genius, and everything else I've tried on the menu has made me very happy indeed. One of the owners I spoke with is passionate about beer, and the beer selection is superb. We took visitors from Boston here, and everyone loved it.


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